Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Some new ones and some back in stock....

Chieftain Glendullan Speyside 11 year Old...$46.99
Established in 1897, it was the last distillery to be built in Dufftown in the 19th century and the distillery which prompted the “Dufftown is built on seven stills” line. The location was chosen not just for its beauty, but also for its practical convenience. It was sited to take advantage of water power and was also able to share neighbouring Mortlach’s private railway siding. Originally with two stills, an additional distillery with six stills was built on the field between “Old Glendullan” and the employees’ homes in 1971-72. The distance between the two units was defined as “a short one when the weather’s good and a long one when it isn’t”. The old distillery was closed in 1985 and is used as UMGD’s maintenance workshops. Glendullan’s process water comes from the River Fiddich. It was King Edward VIII’s favourite whisky and plays an important role in the Old Parr blend.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Tomato juice and Worcester sauce, dried cranberry and grassy notes.
Body: Rich, grassy and oily with citrus, melon and some chillies in the middle.
Finish: Chillies and more citrus. An energy drink of its own.

Chieftain Miltonduff Speyside 22 Year Old....$189.99
1989 Hogshead - 55.1% ABV
Nose: Orange glazed cake, light oak, cinnamon stick and vanilla.
Palate: Ginger, grapes and elderflower and toast. Crunchy
Finish: Lemon zest, turmeric, chillies and oak vanilla

1991 Chieftain’s Craigellachie Speyside 21 yr...$169.99
116.6 proof * 272 bottles produced
Nose: Sugared walnuts, light citrus, sweet barley
Body: Medium and soft
Palate: Malty, Nutty, Tangerines
Finish: Orange Marmalade, Nutty, Aromatic

Chieftain Rosebank 20 Year Old Single Malt...$149.99
Distilled in 1990 just 2 years before the Rosebank Distillery closed.  So everything left from Rosebank is in barrel and getting more and more rare.  Don't miss this one aged in Sherry butt. 

Chieftains Mortlach Speyside 16 Year Old Single Malt....$94.99
Nose: Juicy Oak, Stewed Prunes, Old Leather
Body: Medium moving to oily and waxy
Palate: Sugar Plums, Sweet Malty Spices, Sugared Almonds
Finish: Sweet Malt that is soft and long

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