Monday, February 13, 2012

Bells Hopslam update

First load of Hopslam is here!!

Bottled 2/2/11
Wait, don't come looking for some now  - we have none for sale in the store right now.  We pre-sold this first batch.  The whole second load next week will be available for sale -- we are not pre-selling that one.  We will post when it arrives.  Sorry, I wish it all came at one time also.

If you ordered on the Hopslam pre-sell - you should be getting an email telling you it is ready...
This year we are getting two shipments, one just arrived and the next one comes next week.
This first shipment has arrived, but it worked out that it almost exactly covers what we pre-sold.  
I will be sending the emails out now confirming yours is ready for pick up if you made the pre-sell.

Forsyth you will get the email today
Rock Hill, New Ballas, and Ballwin will be getting their email tomorrow.

Always one of the most anticipated releases of the year....


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sucks to be out of distribution area for this beer.I will pay retail x2 for a mini keg

8602123659 text me

Paul Hayden said...

They did not make mini kegs this year.