Thursday, October 27, 2011

Limited Widmer releases....


Part of their one and done series...
Widmer Brothers' Reserve Lemongrass Wheat Ale....$8.99 / 22oz
"Brewed with a unique mixture of malts and muscat grape juice.  This brew has a traditional malt backbone, hints of late harvest grape sweetness, and a distinct Lemongrass flavor and aroma.  Champagne and ale yeasts were used in tandem to produce a sparkling, crisp, yet fruity profile.  Alchemy and crystal hops balance and compliment the citrus, earthy, and spicy notes of the beer.

Plus the 2011 version is here and more of the 2010
Widmer Brother's Brrrbon 2011...$11.99 / 22oz
Widmer Brother's Brrrbon 2010...$12.99 / 22oz

Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels

Each run is limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. These are beers for enthusiastic beer lovers, personally crafted by two of the most enthusiastic beer lovers around. Prost!
Barrel-Aged Brrrbon
The third release in the Brothers’ Reserve series is Barrel-Aged Brrrbon. Following the successful release of our previous products in this line, Cherry Oak Doppelbock and Prickly Pear Braggot, we wanted to again surprise beer drinkers with a twist on our existing Brrr Seasonal Ale. For this release, we’ve taken our winter seasonal Brrr and aged it in Kentucky bourbon barrels. At 9.4% ABV, Barrel-Aged Brrrbon is an attention-grabbing beer for the enthusiastic craft beer lover. 

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