Saturday, September 3, 2011

Exciting Odell Beer

Odell just got a very cool label approved -- ingredients from the 10 states that they distribute.   Our own Missouri supplied the oak barrels!!!

You would have to assume we will see this one here in Missouri!!   I cannot wait!

"There are TEN states that make up what we call our "distribution footprint".  Each sate made a unique contribution to FOOTPRINT.  This artful ale is our tribute to these states in which our beer is available.  The result is a crafty collective of regional flavors:

Colorado - Hops & Barley
Arizona - Prickly Pear
Idaho - Barley & Hops
Kansas - Wheat
Minnesota - Wild Rice
Missouri - Oak Barrels
Nebraska - Corn
New Mexico - Green Chilis
South Dakota - Barley & Honey
Wyoming - Wheat

It still surprises me that Odell is only in 10 states, I think it has been here so long that we take it for granted how lucky we are!!!!!

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