Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Green Flash arriving at The Wine and Cheese Place again...

Green Flash Beers back in stock The Wine and Cheese Place 

Including the new Red IPA formula -- everything was bottled 8/16-8/24

The Red IPA

The -New- Hop Head Red!

"With our move to Mira Mesa Blvd the multiple award winning Hop Head Red was getting a packaging change.  It certainly didn't need a recipe change, but as owner Mike Hinkley looked at the label and read "Is it a Red IPA? That's your call" he immediately thought we should take the question out of it and redefine the beer as "The Red IPA".  Accepting my charge to redefine Hop Head Red as "The Red IPA" I made a few recipe changes. The changes end up being simple but I took great care not to lose the original character profile of the beer.  I changed the first hop addition to Columbus and increased the bitterness by 10 IBU putting it in the IPA range.  Then I wanted more hop aroma, so I increased it with a 25% bump up in Amarillo dry hop for a more floral, IPA like nose.  Giving the beer a bigger overall presence by raising the ABV to 7% was the final touch.  I'm very pleased with new Hop Head Red formulation as I retained the original caramel malt richness and added bucket loads of hop character to a slightly bigger beer, redefining Hop Head Red as "The Red IPA"" - Chuck Silva


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