Friday, February 26, 2010

Bacon #6

2010 TWCP Year of the Bacon
Bacon #1 - Iowa -- Valde Rose - Sold out
Bacon #2 - Kentucky -- Scott's Jowl Bacon - sold out
Bacon #3 - New Hampshire - N.Country Cob Smoked Bacon - sold out
Bacon #4 - Kentucky -- Meacham Hams Country Maple Bacon - sold out
Bacon #5 - Oregon -- Carlton Farms Pepper Bacon -- sold out
Bacon #6 - California -- Black Pig Meat Company -- sold out
Bacon #7 - Wisconsin -- Nueske's Wild Cherrywood Bacon -- sold out
Bacon #8 - California -- Hobbs Applewood Smoked Bacon --

"Bacon has no trans fat at all. Several slices of bacon are healthier in terms of calories, salt, fat and cholesterol than a hot dog, hamburger or glazed donut." -- Fun Bacon Facts

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Black Pig Meat Company...$11.99 / 12oz package

Black Pig Meat co. is the brainchild of chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart from two great California restaurants: Zazu restaurant + farm, and Bovolo. Their pigs are with antibiotics, hormone free, free range and they are Heritage Breed like the chickens we get our Farm Fresh Eggs. Read more about Heritage breed animals -- click here

the pigs
Our pork comes from Pure Country Pork in the Northwest which is the first sustainable hog operation in the United States to earn Food Alliance Certification. The pigs are heritage breed, raised without antibiotics and hormones, and are allowed to roam free range.

the process
Most bacons you find on the market are wet cured injected fast and smoky from liquid smoke in a process that takes less than a day. We slow down and make sure it tastes good and the animals are treated right. Our Bacon is dry cured with brown sugar for up to 21 days and then finished with applewood smoking for about 12 hours. We are focused on quality not quantity.

the bacon
The result is a bacon that is perfectly balanced in salt, sweet, and smoke; complex from the brown sugar and real wood smoke; and one where you can taste the quality of the pork


Zazu Tabasco Aioli
Black Pig Bacon BLT Benedict
Bovolo Bacon MnC
Fried Green Tomato BLT
Black Pig Bacon and Asparagus Carbonara

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