Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Galipette Cidre


Galipette Brut Cidre...$13.99 / 4pk 11.2oz bottles
GALIPETTE BRUT is where it all began, our first cider. Delightfully dry to medium-dry, it strikes a perfect balance between acidity and tannins, dryness and sweetness, and between ciders old and new.
The unique assemblage balances all four styles of cider apple: bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet, and sharp, in varieties such as Marie Ménard, Kermerrien and Judor. They come from traditional apple orchards near the river Rance in northern Brittany’s Côtes-d’Armor; this is a cider true to its roots, and ours.
Slow fermented for medium strength, it has a lovely harmony of earthy aromas and vibrant tastes. Enjoy this zingy unwinder just as it is or discover its food-friendly nature with lightly spicy food.
4,5% Alc.
Galipette Biologique Cidre...$13.99 / 4pk 11.2oz bottles
GALIPETTE BIOLOGIQUE is our organic cuvée, made from 100% organic cider apples. It has an exciting wildflower character that naturally varies with the seasons in authentic organic style.
The assemblage majors on bitter-sweet apples with just a hint of sweet varieties, such as Carting, Sweet Moen and Belle Fille de la Manche, all native to the centuries-old orchards of Normandy. Light fermentation preserves the natural floral aromas and yields a lower alcohol level.
Sweeter on the nose and true to the Normandy style of cider, enjoy this refreshing feel-good fizz on a sunny summer’s day, or explore its intriguing sweet-savoury nature with a fresh goat’s cheese.
4,0% Alc.

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