Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Planteray Cut & Dry Coconut Rum

Planteray Rum was formerly know as Plantation Rum
NEW - Limited Edition!
Planteray Cut & Dry Coconut Rum...$29.99 / 700ml
Ripe coconuts are harvested, cracked open and laid outside to naturally dry. The dried chunks of coconut are infused in a blend of: Barbados column still rum & Barbados pot still rum (Old Gregg). The fruit infusion is then blended with Barbados rum. The exquisite marriage of two icons of the Caribbean: Coconut and Rum!
The marriage of two quintessential Barbadian delicacies: rum and coconuts. Working with local coconut farmers, we spent four years tinkering with recipes until we landed on the perfect process. The husks of the ripe coconuts are cut and dried under the Caribbean sun, then infused in our 100% Barbadian rum, distilled at the Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery. A true celebration of these two icons of island culture. Today, Planteray Cut & Dry is a very limited product but it will grow in sync with the increase of coconut agriculture on the island.

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