Thursday, December 7, 2023

Found North - amazing whiskey!

Found North Peregrine - release info
We are getting lots of calls on the Found North Peregrine - we are supposed to get very little this week some time. We will release it through the WRC to the top Found North supporters. We just think that is fair as we are only getting an allocation because of our support on their other releases - watch for those emails in the next few days!

Introducing Found North Peregrine
We have been working on Peregrine for most of this year, but we have been working on this whisky-making process since the conception of Found North and we are so excited to finally share it with you.
Peregrine First Flight is the first 20 year old age-stated whisky we have released, with whiskies ranging from 20-27 years old. Our love for Canadian whisky is rooted in blending. Canadian whisky is made by distilling and aging individual grains in order to maximize the creative flexibility of the blender. With Peregrine, we took this process a step further. We created a blend and then recasked it into French Limousin, American oak ex-Cognac and new American oak casks for a 5-month further maturation. After 5 months, we took the best 7 casks and reblended them to create Peregrine.

We got in 12 more bottles of each - while they last!!

Found North Batch 008 Cask Strength Whiskey...$149.99
  • 2,925 Bottle Outrun
  • 18-26 Year Old Whiskies
  • Aged in Madeira, New American, Ex-Bourbon & Hungarian Oak Barrels
  • 62.2% ABV | 124.4 Proof
  • 87% Corn | 12% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
At Found North, we structure our blends around one component whisky. When you see “Maturation” on our bottles we are referring to the aging regimen for that component, our keystone in the arch of the whisky. Sometimes it makes up 50% of the blend and sometimes it makes up 5% of the blend, but it is always the foundational piece of the whisky. In the case of Batch 008, we used a vibrant 18 year old rye barrel in an ex-Madeira cask. This component makes up 4% of the blend, but it dominates the profile, releasing blackberry and fig puree on the nose, and a wild-grain, earthtone on the palate.  The ex-Madeira aged rye was unruly and vivacious, requiring four separate corn components to round out the profile and give the whisky its shockingly creamy texture. To accomplish this, we blended in a 22 year corn component in new wood, a 23 year corn component in new wood, a 23 year corn component in ex-Bourbon, and our favorite, a 26 year corn component in Hungarian oak. Lastly, we used a 19 year Hungarian oak aged rye to provide Batch 008 with the spicy backbone and texture on the finish.

Found North Single Barrel Cask Strength 12+ Year Whiskey....$99.99
Season 002
Barrel 009

  • 12 Year Rye
  • 15 Year Corn
  • 23 Year Corn
  • 25 Year Corn
Finished in New Wood, Char #3
Grain 70% Corn, 29% Rye, 1% Barley
120.2 ABV

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