Saturday, September 16, 2023

New Reblochon-style cheese from Tennessee

Sequatchie Cove Creamery "Walden"...$15.99 / 7oz mini wheel
In stock at Kirkwood now, and Forsyth on Monday. This cheese is reminiscent of Reblochon, which is not available in the US because it is unpasteurized.
Fans of washed rind cheese must try this! Let it sit for 20 minutes and come to room temp to bring out the subtle walnut and mushroom notes.
Long ago, cheesemaker Nathan Arnold learned the secrets of the Reblochon style in France, and brought his Savoie training home to Tennessee. A new style was born, and became the famous Dancing Fern (6x ACS Winner, Good Food Awards Winner). But that journey led to a new perfectly sized variation on a classic well-balanced wheel. We named it after Walden Ridge, a place where you can get a thrilling view of the Tennessee river winding far below.
The name Walden might best be known from Thoreau’s quest for self-knowledge and simplicity on Walden Pond. Maybe that fits because this cheese is laid back and all set for a picnic. Follow the breeze to a ledge, and you can watch the silky clouds billow over all the nooks and coves of the Valley. Around here, just spreading the right cheese on a baguette might take you to some faraway place where everything makes total sense for a minute.--producer's notes

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