Thursday, September 14, 2023

Crystal clear ice for your drinks

In stock now at all 5 locations!!!
(in the freezer, of course)

Crystal clear ice for your drinks.


Good Ice STL...$11.99 / 6pk box
2in x 2in x 2in. Perfect for larger, double rocks glasses.

Perfecting our process one cube at a time
High quality ice starts with high quality ingredients. We first filter our water to remove as many impurities as possible. The filtered water is then passed into our Clinebell machines, which utilizes a remarkably strong process called directional freezing that removes every last impurity and air bubble, resulting in crystal clear 300lb ice blocks. Using a combination of chain saws and heavy duty band saws, we cut and polish each and every cube by hand.

As a bartender working in St. Louis, I was always disappointed by our lack of access to this sort of ice. I took it upon myself to freeze and cut ice using a knife and hammer for our services, because I truly believed it made a difference. As the popularity of my hand cut ice grew, other bartenders began to ask if I could make ice for them. - Good Ice STL

Limited time special buy!
(must purchase ice and spirits at the same time)

Also on a related note - Forsyth, Kirkwood and Spirit Wine and Craft have 10lb ice bags available for sale now in the freezer for your convenience.  

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