Tuesday, September 5, 2023

A Special Rum Class with Jan Warren of La Maison & Velier

A Special Rum class with Jan Warren of La Maison & Velier
Thursday, September 21st from 6:00-7:30 pm
Spirit Wine and Craft  - 5760 Chippewa St.

$ 25 per person

Reservations are required
Limited to 10 seats  (only a few seats left)

“Stoked” doesn't even begin to describe how thrilled, excited, chuffed etc..that La Maison & Veiler are back. This time, at their request, we’re hosting a seated in-depth class with Jan Warren, Portfolio Manager for LM&V. He is passionate about rum, especially Clairins from Haiti (Check out his bio…link below). This is a rare opportunity to delve into a more focused slate of expressions with a true Rum aficionado. Great class for the longtime rum fan!!
  • Distillerie De Port-Au-Prince Providence Dunder & Syrup Rum Blanc
  • River Antoine Estate Rivers Rum
  • Spirit of Haiti Communal Clarin
  • Spirit of Haiti Clairin le Rocher
  • Spirit of Haiti Clairin Vaval
  • Hampden Single Jamaican Rum 8 year


Backed by over 130 years of shared experience in the spirits distribution business, La Maison du Whisky in France and Velier in Italy joined forces in May 2017 by creating a new joint-venture called La Maison & Velier. LM&V aims to highlight the exclusive bottlings created by both LMDW and Velier as well as through collaborative partnerships. We work to bring together our expertise to create new and innovative products to excite the current market.
La Maison & Velier launched in the US Market in January of 2018 and is managed by a small but passionate team.

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