Sunday, August 20, 2023

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Bitters Dram Set – Five Pack (10ML Each)....$22.99
Collection of all five of our outstanding Woodford Reserve Bitters flavors with this combination 10ml dram set. This combination set comes in a sleek, stylish gift box and is a perfect introduction to all of the Woodford Reserve Bitters flavors. Each big flavor is made in small batches and tested at the Woodford Reserve distillery room. All five of the Woodford Reserve® Bitters are effortlessly handy and easy to use with the convenient drip dram topper. Make the perfect cocktails, baked goods, or even add a drop to a tall glass of seltzer water with these endlessly versatile flavors.

The set of all five Woodford Reserve® Bitters – (DramFull Size) 10 ml (.34 fl oz) – 1 each
  • Woodford Reserve Chocolate Bitters
  • Woodford Reserve Orange Bitters
  • Woodford Reserve Aromatic Bitters
  • Woodford Reserve Sassafras and Sorghum Bitters
  • Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Peach Bitters....$9.99 / 2oz
Woodford Reserve Peach Bitters has forward flavors of peach with back notes of tea and a finish of smoke. The combination of ripe fruit and subtle spice works well with all spirits, most notably bourbon, brandy and champagne. Try as a refreshing complement to a summer Old Fashioned, or layer with any of our other Woodford Reserve Bitters Flavors to create your own unique cocktail.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Aromatic Bitters...$9.99 / 2oz
Though aromatic bitters are no stranger to well-stocked liquor cabinets and bars, Woodford Reserve Aromatic Bitters are carefully crafted to pull out the essential flavors of your favorite cocktail. Try making a martini or Manhattan with Woodford Reserve Aromatic Bitters.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Orange Bitters...$9.99 / 2oz
Our Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Orange bitters will add a citrusy depth to your cocktails. Bitterness from gentian root, flavored with orange, and a hint of oak from resting in repurposed Woodford Reserve® barrels. This orange flavored bitters is fresh and can either be used alone in an Old Fashioned or in tandem with any of our other bitters…our favorite combination is with Sassafras & Sorghum!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Bitters...$9.99 / 2oz
Straight from the Woodford Reserve tasting wheel. Our Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Bitters was inspired straight from the distillery tasting room. Take a bite of chocolate and a sip of bourbon. It’s true bourbon umami! Change up your Manhattan, your Old Fashioned or add a few drops to your Double Oaked Woodford Bourbon to recreate the combination! (We’ve also made some brownies with this stuff!!)

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Spiced Cherry Bitters...$9.99 / 2oz
The distinct, natural flavors of Woodford Reserve® Spiced Cherry Bitters highlights flavors of any cocktail, while also adding distinct cherry notes. Try making a Spiced Cherry Manhattan with Woodford Reserve® Spiced Cherry Bitters

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries...$14.99 / 11oz
Muddle, garnish, and top your favorite cocktails with Woodford Reserve® Bourbon Cherries. Gorgeous deep ruby color with a long stem and no pit. Made from natural ingredients, these cherries bring a brightness along with hints of Kentucky’s finest bourbon to recipes.
Refrigerate after opening

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