Tuesday, June 20, 2023

New Non-Alcholic Canned Cocktails!

These great N/A Canned Cocktails just made their way over from the UK. There are not many retailers in the US advertising them yet. We are excited for you to try them! 

Perfect for the pool!

In stock at Kirkwood now, Forsyth later today

Savyll N/A Canned Cocktails...$3.29/250ml 

Savyll was started by self-proclaimed “dinner party mixologist” Avnish Babla. He has always loved to entertain friends and family, and to experiment with new, innovative cocktail ideas.

A career in the corporate world meant alcohol was ever-present; team events, client meetings, holiday parties – alcohol was hard to avoid.

When he became an expectant father, he and his wife vowed to live healthier lifestyles, which included moderating alcohol.

However, he soon discovered the challenges of moderation given the limited choice of mature, complex non-alcoholic drinks on the market.

Avnish felt removed from the world of the sophisticated alcoholic drinks that he loved. In response, he turned his passion for mixing cocktails into a mission to reinvent their alcohol-free namesakes.

After a year of experimenting in his kitchen, followed by another year of meticulous product development with the support of an award-winning beverage developer, Avnish crafted a range of natural, alcohol-free, ready-to-serve cocktails.– and the Savyll Beverage Company was born.


At Savyll, we believe drinks have the power to bring people together, but they don’t need to have alcohol to do so.

Born in London, the world’s cultural melting pot, we set out to create a line of drinks to change the preconceptions of what occasion-based, non-drinking looks like

From a Bellini to a Mojito, or a Moscow Mule to a Paloma, Savyll brings the sophisticated flavours of the finest cocktails to more people on more occasions - all alcohol free. -website info

Bellini: A uniquely crafted non-alcoholic bubbly cocktail composed of a mix of dry prosecco essence, aromatic bitters, and sweet peach flavor.

Mojito: Mojito non-alcoholic cocktail crafted with a balance of white rum and mint and refreshing lime.

Paloma: This Paloma is a refined non-alcoholic cocktail, crafted with bittersweet pink grapefruit notes, zesty tequila essence and lime.

Moscow Mule: This Fiery Moscow Mule non-alcoholic cocktail has been crafted with a delicate balance of premium vodka, ginger, mint, and lime.

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