Thursday, June 8, 2023

Black Sheep Tequila tasting!!

Black Sheep Tequila Wins Best Tequila in the World & Double Gold at 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition -  click here to read more


Saturday, June 10th from Noon-2pm
At the Double Barrel, next to the (In)famous Bar
Located inside the Wine and Cheese Place
On Forsyth Blvd, in beautiful downtown Clayton

Saturday, our friends from Powerplay Beverage are on hand to pour their Black Sheep Tequila. We sampled these with the importer and were suitably impressed. Come on by and taste what we mean..Black Sheep shares six styles of tequila, (the famous barrel Aged 15 Year Extra Añejo, barrel aged 7 Year Extra Añejo, Añejo, Reposado, and Blanco) with ownership of a large Single Estate agave farm, and a Los Altos distillery primed for expansion. We call it the farm to bottle model, enabling us to maintain superior quality and consistency.
Black Sheep Tequila Blanco...$53.99 / 750ml
COLOR: Crystal clear
AROMA: Slightly sweet, fresh and baked natural agave, light peppermint
TASTE: Incredibly smooth and complex. Fresh and baked natural agave, light white pepper
FINISH: Fresh natural agave, cream, and white pepper
Black Sheep Tequila Anejo...$99.99 / 750ml
COLOR: Intense Amber
AROMA: Warm oak, natural sweet baked agave, rich caramel
TASTE: Complex, toasted oak, roasted agave, honey
FINISH: Elegant, evolving over time. Baked agave, lingering oak, caramel

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