Friday, May 19, 2023

Spirits Tasting with Kansas City’s Lifted Spirits Distillery

Spirits Tasting with Kansas City’s Lifted Spirits Distillery
Friday, May 19th 4:00-6:00pm
At the Double Barrel, next to the not yet legendary (In)famous Bar
Located inside the Wine and Cheese Place
On Forsyth Blvd, in beautiful downtown Clayton.

Woo hoo!! Friday Cocktail time is here and Tiff Stockton from Lifted Spirits will be here pouring, mixing, and sampling wares from their stills.
Frivolity ensues at 4pm…be there-ish or square-ish.
Bold Gin
Full-bodied and robust, our Bold Gin is beautifully intricate and multi-dimensional. Balanced traditional and vapor distillation of 17 botanicals produce a gin that’s unlike any other. Lightly sweet notes of lavender of rose hips complement its dark fruit flavor, layered with aromatics and zest.
Bright Gin
Our Bright Gin is a crisp, easy-sipping spirit that appeals to both gin newcomers and aficionados. It has a beautiful floral aroma with a sweet, balanced flavor and sophisticated mouthfeel. Botanicals: fresh orange zest, hibiscus, chamomile, sweet almond, coriander, juniper, angelica root, cassia, orris root, green cardamom pods and a hint of elderberry
Madeira Cask Aged Rye
After aging a minimum of 3 years in white oak barrels, it’s re-barreled into Madeira casks to finish for an additional 3 to 6 months—this is when the magic happens. The whiskey mingles with the Madeira cask to incorporate its nuances and complexity, giving the whiskey its signature flavor and aroma.
Absinthe Verte
Uniquely steeped in the tradition and history of 19th century Parisian culture, our Absinthe is a lavish and delicate delight. Made with wormwood, anise, and fennel seed, Absinthe Verte is the first-ever distilled in Kansas City.Tasting Notes: Sweet and herbaceous, our Absinthe Verte absolutely blooms with notes of licorice, mint, chamomile, and anise. It is refreshing when traditionally prepared, and adds herbal and complex character to cocktails.

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