Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Nobletons Le Bon Liqueur d'Agrumes

An amazing new "Curacao" liqueur
Locally made!!!
Nobletons Le Bon Liqueur d'Agrumes Orange Liqueur....$26.99
When we met with Demetrius Cain of Nobleton's Distilling House at his distillery about a month ago, he gave us a preview taste of this amazing new liqueur. It is a Satsuma Mandarin orange liqueur that is made from a very old family recipe. He was telling us about his "family crest" which you see on the label-- an alligator with a snake tail. Every one in attendance at the distillery was asking when can we get it! It arrived a few days ago, but just getting it posted now. He was telling how he stuffs the Satsuma Mandarin's in the barrel with the base spirit to age it all together!

Make sure you check out the Le Bon Margarita recipe on the bottle!

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