Thursday, January 26, 2023

Can de la Calle Mexican Agave Wine

Agave wine!

Can de la Calle Mexican Agave Wine....$19.99 / liter
Introducing the latest project from Melly Barajas of La Gritona Tequila: CAN DE LA CALLE 24% ABV agave wine! Named after the dogs that Melly adopts from the streets of Guadalajara, this agave wine is wine made from pure agave that is fermented to 7.5% ABV. Melly then raises its alcohol content by blending in her own Blanco Tequila

Melly has been producing agave wine for over 20 years, and this is her first in-house brand. She has spared no expense in the production and has put all of her expertise into the highest quality agave wine she has ever crafted.

CAN DE LA CALLE begins with 9 to 10 year old local mature agave that is cooked for 24 hours and then rested for another 24 hours before being crushed and fermented into a simple wine with an ABV of 7.5 percent. The fermentation process for CDLC is identical to the initial fermentation process for any of Melly's tequilas. Unlike most wine, it is never rested in barrels. It is the same nascent wine pulled from the agave fermentation vats that would usually end up being reduced in stills to make a tequila. This wine is then mixed with Melly's own 100% agave tequila to raise the A.B.V. to the desired alcohol content.
Agave wine is a lower alcohol relative of traditional tequila and is often used in establishments that have beer and wine licenses that can not serve liquor. It is fantastic mixed as a substitute for tequila in any of your favorite tequila cocktails. Melly is so proud of her work on this project that confidently proclaims CAN DE LA CALLE to be the FIRST agave wine in the world that truly can be enjoyed alone or on the rocks.

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