Monday, December 12, 2022

Planters TWCP Ozark American Single Barrel Reserve!

Planters TWCP Ozark American Single Barrel Reserve!

Come in and ask for a taste at all locations
Make sure you grab this one!

Basically sold out - we need to get a final count.  No longer online

Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve....$69.99
6+ years old
Barrels are Toasted and Charred.   Demetrius is very open about what he does, but this is one of the secrets he would not reveal.  He said it is a hot and slow toasting process but would not say what level.

Mash Bill
  • 51% malted corn (malted corn is a rarity)
  • 22% malted wheat
  • 22% Canadian rye
  • 5% malted Barley

The bottling!!

A few of us from The Wine and Cheese Place and then some of our customers that won in our Forty 4 Forty contest had a great time bottling our Single Barrel at Nobletons Distilling!

This barrel is amazing!  Wait until you taste it, all of us that tasted straight from the barrel wanted to know how much can we buy!  

Here is the still and TWCP SINGLE BARREL!

Demetrius Cain (founder and master distiller) 
giving us a history of his distillery and more!

We got to taste the whiskey straight from the barrel 
before it was pumped into the bottling tank.  

Then we all helped bottle and label, it was an amazing experience!

We also got to try his Apple Brandy in barrel and a new Orange Liqueur he has coming very soon.  Wait to these arrive!  


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