Monday, March 6, 2023

Codigo 1530 Playboy Rare Hare Añejo Tequila

We have 1 bottle
We bottle #381 of the 1,953 bottles made
Codigo 1530 Playboy Rare Hare Añejo Tequila....$999.99
Anejo Tequila with two glasses

Limited Edition: 1953 bottles produced for global distribution in honor of the year 1953, debuting the first issue of Playboy magazine.
Individually numbered wood box (ex. # of 1953)

  • Luxurious Solid Black Crystal Bottle, with laser-etched logo & label
  • Elegant antiqued wood box, engraved with Collaboration Story & Production description
  • Añejo tequila, double-barrel aged
Aged first using the finest French White Oak Napa Valley Cabernet wine barrels, Finished in French Cognac casks

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