Saturday, November 5, 2022

Faccia Brutto Spirits

At Faccia Brutto we produce natural and delicious organic Italian spirits using old world methods, and sourcing from sustainable botanical producers.

Faccia Brutto Fernet Pianta...$43.99 / 750ml
Fernet Pianta is a love letter to both my grandfather, Peter Pianta, as well as all the line cooks I ever worked with. Pete would make tinctures for my grandmother when she needed some digestive aid and my line cook buddies, well, we needed relief after a long night of service. We blend 21 ingredients including saffron, myrrh, aloe ferox, peppermint and gentian root in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two weeks. We add water and filter, then add sugar and organic peppermint oil and bottle. This fernet has far less sugar than the bigger brands and is naturally colored with roasted chicory root. Enjoy neat or in a Toronto cocktail.
Use for these classics:
35% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Amaro Gorini...$46.99 / 750ml
This amaro is named for my grandmother, Lena Pianta. She loved southern Italian spirits and we think this one would’ve made her bar cart. A blend of 13 botanicals including gentian, rhubarb root, fennel seed, and sweet and bitter orange rest for 3 weeks in non-GMO neutral grain spirit. The mixture is proofed down to 40% abv and barrel aged in used whiskey barrels for a minimum of 3 months. When we feel it’s ready to go, we filter from the barrels and sweeten with organic cane sugar as well as organic caramel color. We add further fresh orange peel and let that sit another several days. It’s strained again and bottled. We love it on the rocks with an orange peel but it shines in a Paper Plane cocktail.
Use for these classics:
Black Manhattan
Roman Highball
22% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Centerbe...$43.99 / 750ml
Centerbe Faccia Brutto is our take on a European herbal liqueur that is both refreshing and delicious. We use a number of fresh and dried herbs in our blend and macerate them in non-GMO neutral grain spirit. The dried botanicals like lemon balm, anise hyssop, nettles and coriander are macerated for a full week, while the fresh herbs like parsley, tarragon, bay leaves and marjoram are left overnight to preserve color and freshness. The resulting tincture is proofed down and sweetened with organic cane sugar and bottled at a rousing 45% abv.
Use for these classics:
Naked and Famous
45% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Apertivo...$32.99 / 750ml
Our aperitivo is a bittersweet rendition of the classic “red bitter” but with more character. We infuse 17 fresh and dried organic botanicals such as gentian, kola nut, hibiscus and rhubarb root in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two weeks. At that point we add water and fresh orange peels (2 oranges per bottle!) and let that steep overnight. We strain and filter the resulting tincture and add organic cane sugar and cochineal to achieve the ruby hue we all love.
Use for these classics:
24% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Amaro Alpino...$48.99 / 750ml
This amaro is a bittersweet distillation of 14 alpine botanicals including cinchona, rhubarb root, spruce buds, elecampane root and eucalyptus. They rest in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two and a half weeks, are strained and proofed down to 40% abv. They’re aged in used whiskey barrels for a minimum of 3 months. When it’s time is up we strain out of the barrel and filter. It’s then sweetened with a blend of organic dark clover honey and organic cane sugar and bottled. Delicious neat with lemon peel and equally enticing in a Saw Tooth cocktail.
Use for these classics:
Palpable Apathy
Saw Tooth
35% alc./vol

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