Thursday, October 20, 2022

Millstream Brewing from Iowa!

Millstream Brewing from Iowa!
Glad to have them back in St. Louis.  We have not seen them in 20 plus years!
They were one of the first craft brewers to appear on our shelves back in the early 90s. 
Back in the 1980s, outside of imports and macro beers, you could only get Anchor Brewing and Sierra Nevada, that all changed in the early 90s.  The Wine and Cheese Place started stocking Millstream Brewing from Iowa along with others like Oldenberg from Kentucky, Captial Brewing from Wisconsin.....and then Pete's Wicked Ale....then the micro beer boom.
In 1990 there were 284 breweries in the U.S. -- the number reported now is over 8,700!!
Update: I talked to Tony who was the distributor for it back in the day.  He said it was the first brewery he brought in 32 years ago!!!!

Millstream Brewing Schild Brau Amber...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
This absolute classic of a lager has been a flagship at Millstream Brewing for many years. Caramel malts give a slight sweet and nutty taste while finishing hops lend to a smooth, crisp finish.

Millstream Brewing Back Road Oatmeal Stout...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Back Road Stout used to be just a winter seasonal brew when it first was introduced back in 1996. But since then popular demand has made it into an all year affair. The ‘oatmeal’ in the name is due the 5% oatmeal in the the grist of this brew. Oats give beer a real thick mouthfeel, something definitely desirable in a stout! Black malt and roasted barley give the beer its color, and coffee-like flavors. If you like thick full-bodied & smooth stout, this beer is for you! This is our first high gravity beer put into production since the law change in March 2010. Sip responsibly!

Millstream Brewing Millie Hop Grapefruit IPA...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
We’ve added a splash of grapefruit to our New England IPA which leaves us with a dry, citrusy, and fruity good time. Best enjoyed outdoors with friends.

Millstream Brewing Twig & Berries Blueberry Kolsch Ale...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
This light and clean brew with a hint of blueberry will be the perfect companion for hiking amongst all the twigs and berries out there.

Millstream Brewing The Fuzz Peach Kolsch Ale...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
This beer is a light German Style Ale that has some great peach flavor. The results are a smooth and refreshing flavor with a nice peach aftertaste that is not overpowering

Millstream Brewing Pants Off Dance Off Cream Ale with Pistachio...$10.99 / 4pk 16oz can
This Pistachio Cream Ale is sure to knock your pants off! Sweet notes of Pistachio are quickly unzipped and carry right into the legs of this light brew. The lingering flavors will make you want to dance your way into another sip. It’s a dance off, baby!

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