Monday, March 14, 2022

Cognac Park

A small family owned Cognac House

Park Cognac VS Carte Blanche...$37.99
The light, vibrant character of Petite Champagne predominates this blend. Fresh, young, and soft in tannin, Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche is ideal for use in cocktails. to create this Cognac we blend eaux-de-vie from two regions - Fins Bois and Petite Champagne - and age a minimum of three years in lightly toasted barrels, with most of the blend spending closer to six years in barrel.
Aged 3-6 years

Park Cognac VSOP Very Superior Old Pale....$56.99
Park VSOP is a unique mix of clear, crisp flavors. The eaux-de-vie are selected from three growing regions: Fins Bois, Grande Champagne, and Petite Champagne. This artisan blend shows light fruits, with flambeed banana and fresh vine peaches. Aged a minimum 5 years.

Park Cognac Cigar Blend...$168.99

For this blend, Tessendier set out to make a Cognac that was unabashedly cigar-friendly, meaning it has high intensity and fruity character, resulting from long aging. We blend Cognacs from the two Champagne growing region, aged at least 30 years. Appellation Fine Champagne
Aged a minimum of 30 years

Park Cognac XO Year of the Tiger Limited Edition...$109.99
Grande Champagne Cognac
The grapes for this blend are grown exclusively in Grande Champagne, recognized as the premiere growing region of Cognac. The blend consists of cognacs that are a minimum 20 years old. Extended aging ensures maturity and full aromatic richness.

Park Cognac Borderies Mizunara Cask..$66.99
Mizunara is a varietal of rare oak from Japan used to create barrels destined for aging Japanese premium spirits. This Borderies cognac is marked by its soft, round taste and floral notes, revealing its power in the culmination on the palate. The finishing in Japanese oak casks brings unctuosity and depth and confers complex, spicy notes. It is a marriage that gives birth to an exclusive product.

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