Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Blackened Whiskey Cask Strength Limited Show-Me State Edition

Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica

Blackened Whiskey Cask Strength Limited Show-Me State Edition...$55.99
Compare to $58.99 at Total Wine and More
  • Show Me State Volume 1
  • Finished in Brandy Casks
  • 112.8 proof
The super-premium whiskey collaboration from Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica. A blend of hand-selected, well-aged North American bourbon & rye whiskeys, uniquely finished in black brandy casks and the earth-shattering music of Metallica.

Using our proprietary BLACK NOISE™ finishing process, each batch of whiskey is blasted with its very own Metallica playlist, curated by the band themselves. The low-frequency sound waves force the whiskey to penetrate deeper into the barrel, extracting more caramel, honey and vanilla flavors from the wood. The result is a magnificently balanced whiskey, robust in flavor and ideal for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in a classic whiskey cocktail.

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