Thursday, February 10, 2022

Bespoken American Light Whiskey

American Light Whiskey is making a huge comeback....
Penelope made one, but it is super allocated and will be in our February raffle....we are excited to offer Bespoken American Light Whiskey

What is Light Whiskey?
By definition, light whiskey had to be distilled to at least 160 proof, though it was typically distilled as high as 190 proof, Bourbon, by contrast, usually enters the barrel in the 100- to 125-proof range and legally can never be distilled higher than 160 and aged in used or uncharred new oak containers, where Bourbon is aged in charred barrels

Bespoken Spirits American Light Whiskey...$25.99 / 375ml
50% ABV
Distilled at a higher proof, our American Light whiskey is lighter in color and harshness. The result is a spirit with a brilliant golden color and a smooth finish. On the nose, notes of butterscotch, marzipan, honey-infused mocha, and black tea dominate, with rich cinnamon sugar on the palate and a compelling finish of cacao nib and winter spices.

Starting with cedar and resin, scents of dried apricot and walnut soon follow on the nose. The entry is opulent for a 100-proof whiskey, with high-toned notes of orange peel covered in dark chocolate, black pepper, and apricot nectar. Cedar threads down a path laden with peach preserves and honeyed chamomile
Rated 93/100 The Tasting Panel

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