Sunday, August 22, 2021

Double Cola and Ski Soda

In stock at Forsyth now (sold as singles in the cooler)
Original Ski Lemon Orange Soda
SKI is a fan favorite due to its light and refreshing taste. With an extra jolt of caffeine, SKI will make sure your day is just as great as its flavor.

Our History:  SKI Citrus Soda has had the same authentic recipe since 1956. This lemon orange flavored soda is uniquely refreshing to similar sodas because it has a jolt of caffeine and real fruit ingredients for the ultimate satisfaction of our consumers.

When SKI was first created, the company asked the employees to come up with the name. After a weekend-long ski trip on the Chickamauga Lake, a previous employee by the name of Dot Myers had come up with the name 'SKI'. Everyone loved it, and SKI was born.

Double Cola Company Cola
Refreshingly smooth. Refreshingly different. Experience the balanced flavor of natural ingredients, sweetness, and carbonation
The Double Cola recipe was perfected in 1933, and hasn’t changed since then. Named after its size, Double Cola was originally sold in 12-ounce bottles, which was twice the size of other sodas sold at the time.
The rings on the design of the new can stand to symbolize Double Cola’s perfect balance of both carbonation and sweetness.

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