Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Zoom tasting with Michael Paladini CEO of Penelope Bourbon

The Penelope Toasted is back - last chance on it for now!

Zoom tasting with Michael Paladini CEO of Penelope Bourbon
Wednesday, 7/28 7pm (room opens at 6:30)

We have a great Zoom tasting coming up next Wednesday with Penelope Bourbon Whiskey. We’re featuring two new LIMITED releases including a Toasted Barrel cask strength and a French rose finished bourbon along with their core expressions.

Purchase a minimum of one bottle to be included in the zoom tasting. Pick any one of the expressions below and we’ll email you the Zoom invite. If you have already purchased one of the Penelope expressions, email me at

Here’s what’s being featured

Penelope Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four Grain 80 Proof....$31.99
Named after our Founder’s recently born daughter, Penelope Bourbon is our signature four grain straight bourbon whiskey uniquely blended from three bourbon mash bills comprised of four grains (Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Malted Barley)

Penelope Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four Grain Barrel Strength 115 proof...$59.99
Barrel Strength pushes the boundaries of our signature four grain balanced flavor profile. Batch 7 is blended from three bourbon mash bills aged 3.5 – 5 years in new American oak barrels and completely uncut and non chill-filtered. Each barrel was hand selected and blended into a single batch in order to create this unique offering.

ROSE is sold out now
Penelope Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four Grain Rose Cask Finish 94 proof...$58.99
Batch #2
Penelope Rosé Cask Finish is part of our Cooper Series (Cask Finishes) and is our annual Summer Release. We’ve married our signature four grain blend of three bourbon mash bills with hand-selected French Grenache Rosé Wine Casks from the Southern Rhône region to bring together a truly unique alliance of flavor. Available in limited supplies every year starting in July.

Penelope Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four Grain Toasted Barrel Cask Strength 114.6 proof...$59.99
Penelope Bourbon Toasted Series explores new and unique expressions of our signature four grain straight bourbon whiskey. After full maturation in charred new American oak barrels, we finish Penelope Bourbon™ in a new, freshly toasted barrel. Each batch is a unique blend of our signature three bourbon mash bills and all have different custom chars & toasts – making each bottle unique and different.

Penelope Bourbon

Penelope Bourbon is a company that was crafted in the classic entrepreneurial tradition. Mike Paladini and his wife, Kerry teamed up with his close friend and childhood next door neighbor, Danny Polise. Both grew up in Basking Ridge, NJ. They began to embark on creating a bourbon that everyone could enjoy and love.

Both found out in 2018 that their wives were expecting. Mike and Kerry always knew that if they had a girl, her name would be Penelope. The day they found out they were having girl, a light bulb went off. Mike and Kerry decided they wanted to bring together two things they both love so dearly – their soon-to-be baby girl, Penelope and Straight Bourbon Whiskey. A company was born.

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