Friday, March 12, 2021

Perennial Hommel Bier Belgian Pale Ale

Blast from the past!
The first beer Perennial ever released in package!
750ml bottles at the time!
10 years ago!!

check out this post on or blog about my first preview tour of Perennial back in 2011!
They have come so far since then !!!

If you are new to the Craft Beer scene - grab a 4pk of this one!
One of the original classics!!!

Perennial Hommel Bier Belgian Pale Ale....$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Look who made it in to cans for the first time. The first of our 10th anniversary celebration projects. Fresh Hommel comin’ atchya

Love that our blog has a history of Craft beer in the STL!
From a 2011 post.
   Cory King was the brewer at the time.   Just starting his journey before opening Side Project.
Perennial Hommel Bier...$8.99 / 750ml
(a dry-hopped Belgian Pale Ale)
In the hop capital of Belgium, Hommel is the word for humulus, the plant genus where hops reside. Our Hommel Bier defies tradition by combining North American malts, Pacific Northwest hops, and a Belgian yeast strain. The result is a beer that combines earthy and spicy tones from the yeast with a slight orange note contributed by the hops. We think it’s buzzworthy.

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