Thursday, March 25, 2021

More barrels sent to Side Project!!

We are excited to announce that Side Project Brewing just picked up 5 barrels to make barrel age some beer

  1. George Dickel
  2. Larceny Wheated Bourbon
  3. Elijah Craig Bourbon
  4. 4 Roses Single Barrel Bourbon
  5. TBA - huge news!

and a 5th barrel to be announced April 2nd for the grand opening of our new Lamp and Lantern store!  read more

We asked the distributors for something special last year to celebrate the opening of our Lamp and Lantern and we had hoped our Hampton location.  They came through for us with this super special barrel.  The Lamp and Lantern store is scheduled to open on time April 2nd.  The Hampton location hit a roadblock but we are still actively searching that area for a new location now! After April 2nd we will be in full force working on finding our 5th location in the Hampton area.

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