Sunday, March 14, 2021

Burgkopf Hard Coffee Espresso Style

Burgkopf Hard Coffee Espresso Style ...$9.99 / 4pk pint cans
7.5% ABV
Break from the usual coffee routine with Burgkopf Hard Coffee. Bold coffee and caramel candy flavors are reminiscent of freshly brewed and roasted caramel iced coffee.Wake up from this caffeine routine with a hard coffee pouring with the same bright opaqueness of your favorite light roast. Wake up to wafts of caramel candy nostalgia and bright red fruit notes like the world's best craft coffee beans. The bold and rich caramel coffee flavors don't require any creamer, all while bright citrus shakes off the drowsiness. Best for your daily endeavors. Take your pick, serve it slightly warm in the winter, on ice in the summer, or enjoy it straight from the can year-round. Burgkopf Beer. Embrace the awakening.

3 ways to drink!

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