Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ramon Pena Sardines

Quality canned fish is very healthy! 
"With high protein content and rich omega-3 fatty acids, it’s no secret that a fish-heavy diet welcomes a range of health benefits. The canned varieties, however, are nutritional powerhouses. For starters, oilier varieties of fish, such as sardines, anchovies, and mackerel, are among the highest sources of omega-3s that you’ll find at a grocery store." - 
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Ramon Pena is considered one of the best producers! If not the best!
Ramon Pena (Spain) – “It’s incredible,” says Jarr of this premium tinned fish. “When you open the can, it’s a work of art.” - read more
Ramon Pena Silver Toasted Sardines in Olive Oil....$5.99 / 4oz
(3/5 sardines)
Ramon Pena Silver Small Sardines in Hot Olive Oil...$5.99 / 4oz
(12/16 small sardines)
These sardines are fished at down at the interior of the Arousa Ria in July and August, which is when they are more plump. Like every Ramon Pena product, these sardines are delicately manufactured by hand with the maximum respect to the product. The tender meat of these sardines have a delicate texture in the mouth, which is a consequence of the care with which they are handled, packed by hand, one by one. They are lightly grilled and then toasted and preserved in olive oil and salt. Perfect for pasta dishes, to enjoy with bread as a tapa or to snack by itself.

Ramon Pena Gold Sardines in Olive Oil...$12.49 / 4.6oz
(25/30 small sardines)
This sardine have a very natural, fresh and delicious taste with a small hint of olive oil, which enhance the natural flavor. The sardines are then lightly grilled and toasted.
Conservas Ramon Pena is a premier producer of fine canned seafood. The sardines come from Galician Rias of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, where they are collected from the water just off the shore of Galicia between May and November, when the sardines are at their best. The sardines are then lightly grilled and toasted at the factory. The products are manually canned and filled with olive oil and there is no additives or preservatives added.

Ramon Pena ties up tradition, flavor and quality to offer an exclusive product with the best fishes and seafood. Galician Rias is a privileged area, located at the West side of mainland Europe, where climate and the purity of their waters make these Rias be a unique place for traditional local fishery and shellfish culture of a high gastronomic value. The sardines of Roman Pena are probably one of the more prestigious product of the company.

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