Sunday, May 3, 2020

Weller / TWCP Full Proof Bourbon Single Barrel

Big Whiskey Reward Club Release (WRC)

First day emails went out.
There will be more tomorrow.

The next Single Barrel from The Wine and Cheese Place
it is a big deal!

Weller / TWCP Full Proof Bourbon Single Barrel
The Original Wheated Bourbon

We selected our OWN SINGLE BARELL of Weller Full Proof!
Of course, it tastes amazing!

This one will obviously go through or Whiskey Reward Club to reward our regular customers.

Yield was 168 bottles.

Large portion of TWCP / Weller Full Proof will be released at the end of April.  We will save some for the tasting bars when they get reopen and some for special events and some to release possibly at a later date.  Still to be determined.

WRC - based on the last 6 months purchases including everything in the store:  beer, wine, whiskey, cheese, candy, nuts, name it.    
Weighted raffle
You get a raffle ticket for every $300 you spent in the last 6 months at our stores through April 30th.

As a bonus we are offering DOUBLE POINTS on all purchases in the month of April.  Everything you purchase in April will give you double the points on your account.

Please do not call the stores with questions about this release.
We will not be able to handle phone calls on this along with curbside service phone calls.
We cannot let you know how much you have spent.

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