Friday, March 6, 2020

This Weekend's Featured Cheeses!

RED DRAGON CHEDDAR (ENGLAND) Taste this at all 4 stores Friday/Saturday!
The moist yet firm Red Dragon is aged for 3 months and made from pasteurised cow's milk and vegetable rennet. The mustard seeds not only give it a unique texture but also an amazing buttery and spicy flavour. Along with the subtle sharpness of mustard seeds, the flavour of Red Dragon is also reminiscent of the mild, sharp taste of the Welsh ale and traditional cheddar. Some say, the taste of the cheese is very similar to sharp cheddar.
Serve Red Dragon with dark ale or try a strong red wine. It is an excellent table cheese that melts well on a sandwich.

AMAZING NEW GOUDA!! In Stock Now at Rock Hill
Reypenaer VSOP 2yr Gouda
Truly a Dutch gourmet cheese showpiece. Magnificent and well deserved of the V.S.O.P. designation. This delicious gourmet cheese from the Netherlands is matured for about 2 years and during that maturation sheds approximately 25% of its original weight. The white spots you will see on the surface indicate the start of mineral and protein crystallization. In comparison to most cheeses that are aged from a few weeks to a few months, this is a masterpiece long in the making. We also have a Reypenaer, aged for just 1 year and already tasting 'old'.
Aroma and flavor are superb. Sharp and tangy. Well recommended and arguably one of the greatest Dutch hard cheeses.
EXCITING NEW CHEESE!! In Stock Now at Rock Hill and Forsyth
Schnabeltier Dill Pickle Gouda
Delicious! Creamy but full-flavored Gouda from Indiana with hints of dill pickle. Perfect for burgers if you are BBQ-ing this weekend!

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