Monday, November 25, 2019

Flights of the Week!

The Wine and Cheese Place - Forsyth Only
Cask / barrel Spirits!

3 - 3/4oz. pours for $11

We're mixing it up a little for the holiday so I picked 3 of my favorite cask/barrel spirits. Lots of proof to keep you on an even-keelish level for Turkey Day.

  • 13 Year Smooth Ambler "Old Scout" Straight Bourbon Single Barrel 50.5% abv
  • 12 Year Redbreast Irish Whiskey Cask Strength 56.2% abv
  • 14 Year Foursquare Single Blended Barbados Rum 56% abv

This week’s flight at The Wine And Cheese Place in Chesterfield!
Try these three wheated bourbons for only $11!!
  • Weller Special Reserve
  • Jefferson Ocean TWCP Barrel Wheated
  • Maker's Mark TWCP Private Select

Available now - Ends this Saturday November 30th

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