Saturday, September 14, 2019

Svöl Aquavit

Svöl Danish Style Aquavit...$35.99

The earliest mention of "aquavit" was in a letter written by Danish Lord Eske Bille in the 1500s. Danish aquavits are made from un-aged, grain-based spirit and are typically the most caraway-forward style of aquavit. Our Danish-Style aquavit features the finest caraway from Finland as its lead flavor. The caraway is rounded out by several other botanicals from around the world including Icelandic angelica root and birch bark. It is a subtly spicy yet balanced spirit that's perfect in savory cocktail experiments.


Svöl SwedishStyle Aquavit...$42.99
Swedish aquavits share some similarities with their Danish cousins. They are also made from grain-based spirit and are often un-aged, although some are aged for short periods of time (less than 1 year). The main differentiator is that Swedish aquavits tend to lean on slightly sweeter botanicals like dill and fennel in addition to caraway. Our Swedish-Style aquavit features fresh dill which is cold infused before the other botanicals are added, and fennel that's been cracked and roasted to release its flavor and aroma. The result is a brighter flavor profile that's perfect in refreshing cocktail experiments.

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