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8 of the Best Kosher Wines You'll Ever Drink

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8 of the Best Kosher Wines You'll Ever Drink
By Erin De Santiago, Certified Specialist in Wine

Kosher wine is wine made while following extra rules and guidelines so that it remains in line with Jewish dietary laws. It must be made under a rabbi's supervision, only contain kosher ingredients, and be processed using specially certified equipment. There can be no added preservatives or artificial colors, and the wine can only be handled from start to finish by Sabbath-observant Jews.

Meaning of Mevushal and Passover Wines
If a wine is labeled as Mevushal, it can be handled by and served by non-Jewish servers. During production, it must be heated to around 180F, with a process known as flash pasteurization. Techniques developed in flash pasteurization help minimize any effect on the wine's flavor.

If you see a wine that notes it's for Passover, it must not contain certain additives. Legumes and corn syrup are two of the additives that cannot be present in kosher for Passover wines. You'll find that most kosher wines are already approved for Passover, but some producers like Manischewitz add corn syrup to their normal bottlings. If they produce specific wines that are approved for Passover, they use real cane sugar versus corn syrup and the bottles will denote they are "Passover Certified."

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Domaine du Castel 2011 Grand Vin 
(we have a different vintage in stock)
Gayot rates Domaine du Castel 2011 Grand Vin as one of their top 10 kosher wines, rating it 15/20. It's produced by Judean Hills in Israel, and Gayot notes it could easily be mistaken for a family-owned French winery with its focus on Bordeaux style varietals. Judean Hills is regarded as one of Israel's top wine producers, and they note this particular Bordeaux-style red blend has been referred to as the "greatest kosher wine in the world."

Bartenura Moscato d'Asti
(we have a different vintage in stock)
Skyview Wines names the 2015 Bartenura Moscato d'Asti as their #1 best kosher wine for 2017. It's an Italian Moscato renowned for its lightly fizzy texture, and it has hints of pear, nectarine, melon, and floral flavors on the palate. They recommend pairing it with cheese-based dessert dishes, like a chilled slice of cheesecake.

Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc
The Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc is on's list of best 90 point plus rated kosher wines. The grapes come from California's Clarskburg appellation, and the wine exhibits fruity notes of gooseberry, white peach, and nectarine. They recommend serving it young and chilled to experience the best of the intense fruity aromas and flavors. It pairs well with fish and chicken dishes.

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