Thursday, September 26, 2019

Cheese features at all 4 locations

Come in for a taste of our feature cheeses this week
Appenzeller Mountain Cheese
The production of Appenzeller is highly regulated and has been produced for over 700 years!  The are only 4 cantons in northeaster Switzerland that can produce Appenzeller.  What makes Appenzeller different from other cheeses from Switzerland is that the rind is rubbed with an herbal brine before it starts to age.   The brine includes wine and may different herbs that are kept a secret.   Classic cheese that is great for melting and using in fondue also!

Fontina Fontal 
Italy - Lombardy region
Mild buttery cheese from Northern Italy.  One of the best melting cheeses as it does not separate when you melt it.  It was originally made in France and called Fontina but they were forced to changed the name to Fontal to protect the Italian Fontina Val'Aosta cheese.  Now Fontal is also produced in Italy. 

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