Saturday, March 23, 2019

A.E. Dor Pineau des Charentes

A.E. Dor Pineau des Charentes...$29.99
  • Region: Charente 
  • Appellation: Pineau des Charentes 
  • Farming Practices: Sustainable 
  • Grape Varieties: Colombard 
  • Age of Spirits: 5 years (minimum requirement is 1 year aging) 
Distillation and Aging: Pineau des Charentes is in the Vin de Liquor category of French aperitifs and after dinner drinks. It is made by combining unfermented grape juice with finished Cognac, for a spirit that is just under 20% alcohol with a touch of fruitiness. Pineau des Charentes has a minimum aging requirement of one year; A.E. For ages their for 5 years. Tasting Notes: Notes of fresh grape juice and Cognac are combined with a lovely caramel/fig quality from the 5 years of aging. Pineau Blanc can be enjoyed on ice with an orange peel or used in cocktails where a fruity liquor is desired.

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