Saturday, November 10, 2018

Riedel Glass rental

Did you know we have Riedel Glasses we rent out for Free to our customers?

Now is the time to reserve them for Thanksgiving.

We only have a limited amount of these nice glasses.

  • You must reserve them online (so we can keep track of how many we have)
  • You must purchase wine from us to be able to borrow the glasses for free.  For every bottle you purchase at pick up, you can rent 2 glasses for free.  Or if you have a receipt from the last 30 days with your purchase, that will count also. 
  • Credit card required to reserve them.
  • No charge for renting them.   But there is a $14 dollar charge for broken or glasses not returned.  These are the nice Riedel glasses that are almost 9 inches tall.  So they are very fragile.  Just a warning to be careful as they are expensive.
  • You can rent them for up to 6 days. They must be returned within 6 days or you will be charged for the glasses.  If you return them after 6 days, there will be a $10 per day late fee.
  • Subject to confirmation.  They are currently at our Forsyth location, so allow a few days for transfers to our other locations.

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