Thursday, March 22, 2018

Horgelus Côtes Gascogne Blanc

2017 Horgelus Côtes Gascogne Blanc....$9.99  
50% Sauvignon and 50% Gros Manseng 
We have been looking for a great Cotes to Gascogne Blanc for awhile.  Many are just boring and insipid.  We finally found a new one that is exciting and vibrant!

The estate is run now by Yoan Le Menn, his son. Yoan represents the younger generation of oenologists who work tirelessly to combine modernity and experience.   The biggest task is preserving of the aromas by limiting, as much as possible, all forms of oxidation of the “must” and the wines. For this reason the grapes are harvested early in the morning – from 3am to 11 am – in order to take advantage of the cool air. On the other hand, the carbon dioxide from the alcoholic fermentation is recuperated to protect the newly pressed juice. From the grape to the bottling process, everything is designed to preserve the fruity flavors and freshness of our wines.

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