Thursday, August 10, 2017

El Jolgorio Mezcal -

El Jolgorio Mezcal Madrecuixe...$119.99
Agave Madrecuixe is a member of the Karwinskii species of agave, related to other species like Cuixe, Barril, and Bicuixe. It grows sparsely at higher elevations and has a cylindrical piña, with it's leaves (or pencas) growing at a distinctly upward angle.. Due to the agave's dense core and relatively low water content, mezcal made from Madrecuixe often has a flavor profile high in minerality, with whisps of vegetation and floral notes.

El Jolgorio Mezcal Arruqueno...$159.99
Once one of the most utilized agaves for mezcal production, this increasingly rare species has long been admired for its enormous size and long ripening period, yielding a massive piña with concentrated sugars. The result is an astounding mezcal that maintains its smoothness and balance at high proofs – unique in fragrance and full in body.
Due to the rarity of the species, only tiny batches of Arruqueño are made each year with highly limited availability.

El Jolgorio Mezcal Tepeztate...$123.99
Agave Tepeztate is possibly the most interesting of all agaves, as well as one of the rarest. It takes a very long time to mature, sometimes up to 25-35 years, and prefers to grow on steep grades in rocky soil. Its leaves are broad and wavy. It can often be found hanging horizontally from mountain cliffs. Tepeztate is truly a wild agave, however, due to the species' increasing rarity and potential for endangerment, El Jolgorio's producers are exploring the cultivation of Tepeztate seedlings in a nursery to be re-planted in the wild (i.e. semi-cultivated).
The mezcal yielded by Tepeztate is often categorized as intensely vegetal, herbal, and earthy.

El Jolgorio Mezcal Espadin...$81.99
Agave Espadín is the most prevalent species of agave in Mexico and reaches maturity earlier (5-10 yrs) than most other agaves. It also grows to be relatively large with a high sugar content, making it perfect for mezcal production.  Due to the abovementioned factors, Espadin is easily the most produced (and consumed) variety of mezcal.
However, only the most unique lots of mezcal Espadín are bottled under the El Jolgorio label, often being produced in remote areas or being rested in glass for several years prior to bottling to allow for the spirit to mellow and its flavors to develop fully.

El Jolgorio Mezcal Jabali...$169.99
100% Jabali Mezcal
Editon #2
Havest 2016
250 bottles produced

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