Monday, February 20, 2017

Small production Washington Wines

2010 Seven Bridges Echo West Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon...$48.99
Only 79 cases made
We sourced our first Cab fruit from Echo West vineyard in 2010 and it was possibly the best wine we’ve ever made--winery

2011 Seven Bridges Merlot Golden Ridge Vineyard...$27.99
Walla Walla Valley
The Golden Ridge estate vineyard is known for growing quality grapes, with a location that has a unique microclimate due to elevation, slope, sun orientation and close proximity to the Blue Mountains. Elevation ranges from 1260 feet to 1350 above sea level, with a south-facing slope which maximizes soil drainage and sun exposure for the ripening grape clusters. The proximity to the Blue Mountains creates a rapid temperature drop at night of between 25-40 degrees from the daytime highs, which results in incredible flavor, dark color, and excellent acid retention in the grapes.

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