Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Jolly Pumpkin Releases....

Jolly Pumpkin / North Peak Porcupine de Amore...$11.99 / 750ml
Blend of an Oak Aged IPA and a wild ale with Passionfruit

Jolly Pumpkin / Anchorage No Ka Oi....$11.99 / 750ml
No Ka Oi is a wild ale with an ABV of 6.3 percent. It was brewed with all Michigan hops, raspberries, and lime peel. No Ka Oi was brewed for Gabe Fletcher, founder and brewer of Anchorage Brewing Co.

Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza Grand Reserve....$14.99 / 375ml

Oro de Calabaza is brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and beguiling influence of wild yeast. For our Grand Reserve Ron selected the following batches.
Batch # Put in wood Months in wood
157 7-29-13 21
212 9-23-13 19
293 12-23-13 16
295 12-26-13 16
327 2-4-14 15
That is an average of 17.5 months in oak before we bottled the final product back in May 2015. We then allowed this batch to bottle condition, tasting every few weeks, until Ron said it was time to let these birds soar! The result combines the taste of green papaya and the near rind edge of a fresh pineapple entwined with thin sliced orange peel. With each successive sip a light wash of Brettanomyces ties together with our classic Jolly funk like a bow, finishing slightly dry and refreshing.
This is a very limited release of one of our most acclaimed beers so don't miss out! 

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