Saturday, August 20, 2016

Perennial Artisan Ales BA Devil's Heart of Gold and Jester King

Update:  Emails sent out this morning!  Thank you to all of our customers for their support.
  • Jester King (arrived first, so it will be beer purchases only)
  • Perennial Barrel Aged Devil's Heart of Gold (will be overall purchases).  Since we are the only one with this beer, I can tell you how many bottles we have.  Total of 144 and I sent emails out to the top 20 Perennial supporters and then the top 124 overall supporters.

Jester King Release will include:

  • Jester King Ambre
  • Jester King Biere de Miel
  • Jester King Le Petit Prince
  • Jester King Das Wunderkind Blended Saison
  • Jester King 2015 Autumnal Dichotomous
  • Jester King 2016 Hibernal Dichotomous
  • Jester King El Cedro
  • Jester King Boxers Revenge
  • Jester King Beachtime Sportzketball
  • Jester King Provenance
  • Jester King Wytchmaker

The Wine and Cheese Place has an exciting 
release from Perennial coming this week! 

Back in 2012 we released the first version of this beer.  It was one of our first Barrel Aged Beers we did with a local Missouri brewery.   In fact, I think it might have been Perennial's first barrel aged release.   We are so excited they decided to do another batch.  They released some at the Brewery during Craft Beer Week, but if you missed out, we have it coming too.  It will be released through our BRC.

Perennial Devil's Heart of Gold
Wheat Wine Style Ale aged in bourbon barrels

The name "Devil's Heart of Gold" comes from what they call the "Devil's Cut".   When a bourbon ages in a barrel, a portion of the bourbon evaporates - this is called the "Angel's share".   Another portion of the bourbon gets absorbed into the new oak barrel -- this is called the "Devil's cut".    Therefore, the Heart of Gold beer aging in the barrel starts to absorb back some of the Devil's Cut and hence the name "Devil's Heart of Gold".

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