Monday, April 4, 2016

Two Metre limited releases

Two Metre Sour Cherry Ale Barrel Aged...$22.99 / 750ml
Two Metre Sour Plum Ale Barrel Aged....$22.99 / 750ml
Two Metre Original Soured Ale...$22.99 / 750ml

ORIGINAL SOURED ALE est. 5.3% alc. vol. 2014 Vintage
A trail blazer for soured ales in Australia! This ale is a blend of different batches, variously exposed to a naturally occurring mixed culture fermentation process with the dominant blending component being a completely spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels. Spontaneous fermentation is a remarkable and wonderful process; whilst "normal beers", inoculated with commercially available pitching yeasts, take just 10 days to ferment, a spontaneous fermentation will take three years to complete. In this time, potentially hundreds of species - from saccharomyces to lactobacillus to brettanomyces - will work, each producing their own aromatic & flavour characteristics, some acidifying the ale, some adding texture and mouth feel, with the result of the whole significantly greater than the sum of the parts. The average age of the blend at bottling is 2 years, with the oldest component 6 years old. Whilst we have primed the ale for bottle fermentation, we expect the spontaneously fermented elements to keep slowly working in bottle which will increase the conditioning of the finished product in time. Like any cellared product, be sure to decant the ale from bottle and serve chilled, not cold. This ale, whilst already matured, is but a "young pup" and will age gracefully in bottle for many years to come.

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