Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ace Space Blood Orange Cider

Ace SPACE Bloody Orange Craft Cider...$9.99 / 6pk
“Longtime ACE fans may know that my wife Angela was in the cantina scene of the original Star Wars movie. She
 and a friend were the cast as the Tonnika Sisters. Angela was Brea Tonnika, a beautiful hookah-pipe-smoking siren and a spy in the bar. We’ve put her picture on the neck label of our new brand, SPACE.

We researched our fan base and learned they want Blood Orange, so SPACE Bloody Orange it is. Released in fall 2015, this limited release variety is sold in 22-ounce clear bottles and kegs. Pure, unfiltered blood orange puree gives SPACE a beautiful orange hue and tart citrus finish at 6.9% ABV. Angela enjoys SPACE like a cocktail in a fluted glass and has pronounced it her current favorite. SPACE Bloody Orange is out of this world!”
–ACE Founder, Jeffrey House

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