Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bell's Uranus Black Double IPA - BRC release

Just sent out emails to the BRC.

We based this release using two methods: half for the top Bells supporters and half for the overall supporters including all purchases got allocated a bottle

Bells URANUS The Magician...$2.19 / 12oz bottles
STYLE: Black Double India Pale Ale
ABV: 9.5%
TASTING NOTES: The sixth release in our Planets Series, Uranus, is a Black Double IPA. It is also our first large release of this style of beer. The hop profile is enormous and complex with help from Citra, Galaxy, Polaris and other hard to find hops. The use of de-bittered or de-husked black malt lends color without the overly astringent or roasty flavors normally associated with stouts and porters. Don’t let the illusion of The Magician deceive you. Dank, tropical, stone fruit, citrus, floral and pine hop characteristics with a touch of light chocolate are all revealed.

Diameter: 31,763 miles
Orbit: 84 Earth years
Day: 18 Earth hours

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