Saturday, January 24, 2015

Side Project Merci Release details!

Cannot believe the time has come!  The first Side Project release is safe and sound at the store.
Protected by 24 hour armed guards, laser motion detectors, locked in a vault, thumbprint access to the vault :)  ....................

Many have been asking, how long will purchase count for the Merci bottle release, I will print the report Tuesday.  So you have until 7pm Monday, January 26 for purchases to count towards the the bottle release of Merci.

Also, do not forget, beer reservations will not appear on your account if you have beer to pick up.  It must be picked up and rung through the register.
The bottle release is based on BEER sales only.

Side Project Release!
If you have not been to The Side Project Cellar yet - check it out
Best beer bar in the area!

Side Project Merci Release Party
Friday, January 30, 2014

$10 per person - by invite only

More info:  If you get an email invite (will be sending them out later tonight)

  • You will be allocated a bottle to purchase that night.  Bottle price is $29.99 / 750ml
  • You will get a Side Project Glass that you get to take home with you.
  • You will get to taste the new Side Project Merci in your new glass
  • We will have cheese out to sample during the event
  • The event will be held in our upstairs tasting room.
  • You can show up anytime between 4pm and 5:45 to get your taste.  Stay as short or as long as you like.   
  • Cory King will be on hand to answer any questions (Karen is going to try to make it also)
If you get an invite and cannot or do not want to attend...

  • You can give your place to a friend if you like.  Your proxy can pick up your bottle for you.
  • You can pass on the release party and still get your bottle.  You will have 7 days to pick up the bottle after the party day.  You must tell us you are not coming to the party.
  • If you sign up for the party and do not attend, you will lose your allocation.  We want to make sure to use all the tickets.  Just let us know you will not attend so we can pass on the ticket to someone else.

Next week we will send the email out to others that will receive a bottle allocated to them of the Merci
  • There will also be bottles available for on premise consumption at The Side Project Cellar - date to be announced.  

This will be released on January 30 to our BRC supporters
Side Projece Merci Blend #1....$29.99 / 750ml
Side Project Merci Blend #1 is blend of Saison du Ble and a 2 year old American Wild Ale

We have been patiently waiting for our first Side Project release.  Looks like the first beer put in barrel by Side Project for The Wine and Cheese Place was back in June 2013 according to my notes!.   Those barrels are still ageing and waiting for the perfect time for release.  We are excited to announce that Cory and Karen King have made a special release for The Wine and Cheese Place (these were not any of our barrels that we supplied).    They are calling it "Merci" for Thank You and we would like to say Thank you to them also for doing this!   It is a pleasure working with them and has been for many years now.  Looking forward to many more releases.

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