Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2nd Shift limited releases

These are just first come first served and the Forsyth location, no reservations.

We only got 12 bottles, 6 with white wax and 6 plain.
2nd Shift Brewing Brew Cocky Ale....$8.49 / 750ml
"Yup, we love hops and this IPA puts them all up in your face.  Loads and Loads of Falcaner's Flight, a blend of Northwest hops was used in such a gratuitous manner heretofore not seen in these parts.  ENJOY" - label

2nd Shift Brewing Scriderbough's Magpie Brown Ale...$6.49 / 750ml
There once was an artisan name Kyle for whom we made a party gyle (look it up).  As it turns out, it made for very drinkable brown ale so enjoy or I will stuff a banana in your tailpipe.

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