Friday, October 17, 2014

Nogne, Brewdog and Mikkeller

From Brewdog, Nogne and Mikkeller

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BrewDog Beer

only 16% ABV :)

Nogne / Brewdog / Mikkeller Horizon Tokyo Black...$10.99 / 8.5oz
This three way collaboration first made its appearance back in November 2010 and is back and better than ever. Sitting at a slightly lower ABV (15.2% compared to 16% originally) this beer is a combination of signature stouts; Nogne’s Dark Horizon, Mikkeller’s Black and our Tokyo*. This is everything you would expect and then some from such a decadent stout collaboration. Thick, black and viscous, this is a beer which just keeps giving as it warms, with more layers of chocolate, coffee and deep roasted malts coming through in different waves of emphasis, it transforms in your glass and is best indulged in slow. 

Malts:XP, Carafa Special Type 1, Flaked Oats, Smoked, Crystal 150
Hops:Columbus, First Gold, Motueka, Hersbruck
Twist:Three killer beers rammed into one decadent abyss of flavour

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